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Research and Recommended Bibliography


The Nogales Lactation Museum Board of Trustees, lead by the esteemed Nathaniel Mustakavski, Ph.D., is proudly currently compiling a comprehensive overview regarding the historically suppressed issue of “whey insufficiency.” At this juncture, we can only report that this oft misunderstood condition has been an unfortunate source of great shame and misconduct of many. It is a mission of this administration that the facts need to be issued forthwith.


Whey is a protein but it can also been seen, under certain circumstances as a carbohydrate. The parameters are presently under investigation and shall be presented to you as soon as possible. Please watch this space for more data.



 “The Hyper Nutrients of Turtle Milk: A Chemical Breakdown of Genomes and the Unique Properties Found in Lactating Turtle Mothers,” By Dylan Clarissans, Ph.D.


“Legendary Lactation: A History of Mammalian Milk Production from 1901-Present,” By Eliyahu J. Horwitz.

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