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Almond Milk: Did You Know That Almonds Lactate?

Almond Milk: Did You Know that Almonds Lactate?

Yes, it is true. And it is obvious. Generally, the wind and humidity have lead the vast majority of the human population to falsely believe that almonds and other nuts and seeds do not lactate.

We, at the Nogales Lactation Museum, are proud to boast that our own board member and research scientist, Dylan Edwards, M.D., Ph.D. happened to be a mere graduate student when he noticed the faintest hint of a milky substance glistening from the lowly almond on a tree.

He did his doctoral research study investigating that substance and found that almonds, as is the case with other nuts and seed bearing trees, do lactate. It was because of this remarkable discovery that the food service and manufacturing industries have exploited these nutritious deposits to create what are now widely available nut milks across most civilized cultures.

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