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At the Nogales Lactation Museum, we know milk & milk production are profound and crucial. Join us in this celebration!!



How often have you wondered about the magic of lactation? Without lactation, living creatures would cease to exist on many levels. In addition to dispelling some of the myths about lactation and emphasizing it’s unique properties, advantages, and mechanics, we hope to move lactation into the 21st century by doing away with outdated, misleading, and politically ambiguous terms like “mammary glands,” which imply a bias towards mammals, in favor of more accurate language like, “lactating membranes.”


We celebrate all forms of breastfeeding from those of humans, pigs, dogs, turtles, fish, and even bees. Here you can find the original translations of stories like “the birds and the bees” which celebrate the importance of lactation for even those species’ survival. 


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