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Rejoice in Lactation!

Here, at the Nogales Lactation Museum in beautiful Nogales, along the Arizona/Mexico border, we are proud to offer, for your viewing and educational pleasure, a series of dioramas as well as live exhibitions. You can see magnificently arranged still lives of various animals nursing their young as well as sculptural models of the science of lactation.


In addition, for the first time in history, you can come to a place where you can see live lactation exhibitions. Because of the nature of lactation, however, remember that animals and insects develop and mature so the live exhibitions are time sensitive and will expire.


We are always looking for replacements to these ongoing displays so if you have lactating animals or insects or fish who are lactating who we could borrow for a while, we will offer you free membership for the duration of their lactating exhibition! Any lactating humans who are willing to act as a display will be given free membership for an additional year plus a one year free membership for a guest!


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